Training with Disabilities

It is a privilege for us to be working in a region with a range of exceptional teachers who value supporting trainees who come to us with a range of prior experiences and needs. We will work with you to focus on issues related to inclusion, equity and social justice both from the viewpoint of the children we teach and yourselves as life-long learners.

Our school based teaching rooms are accessible and any applicants who would benefit from additional support in relation to access should let us know on their application so that we can facilitate appropriate placements. We regularly support trainees with a variety of needs including for example dyslexia and autism, and find that they are able to thrive on our course. At the start of the programme you will all have the opportunity to disclose any needs that they may have so that the appropriate support can be put into place.

Your mental health and well-being is a prime concern of ours. On the course, you will be enabled to support others and so we will ensure that you are aware of how we can help you to meet your own needs so that you can thrive and enjoy our amazing profession.

Keele and North Staffordshire Teacher Education have a Deputy Director who is pleased to be responsible for student welfare and also acts as the enabling coordinator.