Applying for Assessment Only

If you think you meet all or most of the entry criteria and would like to apply please complete an Expression of Interest and Self-Assessment Matrix and send it to  One of our AO tutors will review your application and offer you advice on next steps.  If you are ready this will include inviting you to a Stage 1 interview.


Entry Requirements

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Stage One Interview

The stage one interview will take place at either our base at Keele University or The Learning Hub at Kidsgrove Secondary School. It will be an opportunity for one of our tutors to meet with you and get to know you better. We will ask you to bring evidence of your qualifications, 2 pieces of ID and an initial portfolio with you.

The interview will be an opportunity for you to demonstrate that you have the qualities, attitudes and values expected of a teacher and the intellectual and academic capabilities to meet the standards for QTS. You will also be able to demonstrate your capabilities in relation to fundamental Maths and English expectations associated with the teaching profession.

We will assess your initial portfolio and judge the extent to which your application meets the entry criteria for AO. This will include evidencing your teaching in a second school and mapping this to aspects of the Teachers’ Standards.

Throughout the interview we will offer you advice and guidance in regard to anything further you need before proceeding to the Stage Two interview.

If you are not successful in demonstrating aspects of your practice eg  second school experience or second key stage experience, then we will agree with you an Assessment Only Personal Plan. This will enable you to secure the appropriate evidence to enable you to meet the requirements in order to commence the route.

Stage Two Interview

If you are successful at the Stage One interview and you have met all the set entry criteria, you will be invited to a Stage 2 interview.  This will take place in your employing school and one of our tutors will invite a senior school colleague to join them to conduct:

  • a joint lesson observation
  • a joint review of your portfolio relative to the Teachers’ Standards
  • a joint interview

The assessment will also demonstrate your ability to communicate using standard English and read with understanding.

On successful completion of the Stage 2 interview you will have demonstrated that you have evidence to meet all the standards for QTS. Your employing school will then be required to sign and submit to the KNSTE an Assessment Only Partnership Agreement prior to the commencement of your assessment period. This includes an audit to assure the KNSTE of the suitability of the school as a placement for the AO route.

A Partnership Agreement between your school and KNSTE will be signed by your Headteacher/Principal prior to commencement of the Assessment Period.  This ensures that all parties are clear with regard to their responsibilities throughout the Assessment Period.