**One additional interview will be included where applicable. (If more than one additional interview is required at this stage an additional £250 will become due)



Second Placement Needed

If you need to secure a second school teaching placement prior to the commencement of the formal Assessment Period,  it may be possible for KNSTE to broker such a placement within its partnership. There is likely to be a fee of £500 to enable a school to release senior colleagues to support you in securing the teaching evidence required for successful progression onto the AO programme.

Assessment Dates

The following assessment periods are currently on offer:




2023/24 Academic Year



Cohort 27 (Spring Term 2024)

Start Date: Monday 8th January 2024
Completion Date: Friday 29th March 2024
Expressions of Interest must be submitted by: 10th November 2023


Cohort 28 (Summer Term 2024)

Start Date: Monday 15th April 2024
Completion Date: Friday 5th July 2024
Expressions of Interest must be submitted by: 23rd February 2024